Thursday, December 20, 2012

Double Duty is done

The last time that I made a quilt in a hurry I said, "Never again!"  It's way too stressful, not to mention that I have four kids to care for!  Well, this time really is the last time.  Honest.  I started this quilt on November 28 and finished it last night and we were gone for about ten days in that time frame.  So I was able to get Double Duty done in about three weeks.

Auditioning borders fabrics

Log cabin blocks are so easy to make, they are just labor intensive when you have to iron all of the tiny little pieces.  I spent as much time ironing as I spent sewing this quilt.  The flying geese were also easy, and on the bigger side, so they didn't take too much time.

Just when I went to sew my last seam in the quilt, I saw a mistake.  I had sewn three blocks a quarter turn out.  It was only about a 20 minute fix, but I was so excited to be done.

Quilt center

Double Duty is a quilt designed by Carrie Nelson found in her book "Spice of Life Quilts" and all of the fabrics were all Kansas Troubles.  Now I can get back to my Stars quilt and keep a quilt for myself!!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Well I took a look at my calendar and added up all of my sewing days instead of guessing at how long this quilt took me.  It was actually ten days.  So I at the end of a year I should have about 35 quilts.


  1. That looks incredible!! That is one lucky person who is getting this it ME??

  2. What a lovely, lovely quilt. Amazing! I just looked up the pattern and then slapped my hand, "No, Brenda, no more patterns until you finish the UFOs for your guild challenge."


  3. the baby quilt is darling but I really love Double Duty.
    As you know, log cabin is my favorite.