Monday, December 31, 2012

2012- A Year in Review

Bears Need Homes, Too   Jan. 2012
 I've struggled this morning to get this post on.  One thing I know about this blogging is to not upload all of your pictures and then expect to arrange them and add your words later.  That's what I did this morning thinking that I would get something done while my pictures were being uploaded.  Big mistake.  I am not able to add my words where I want and the blog is refusing to add Grandma's quilt where it needs to go.

This year I was able to finish five bed-sized quilts, one wall hanging and an apron.  I'm still debating whether or not this a proud finish.  It should be at least one more quilt as I know I can finish a quilt every two months.  But with the kids, the farm, a new yard, my casual job at the post office and all that comes with life, I can't complain too loudly!  I take my time on my quilts and that I am proud of.  So these are my quilts for 2012 and my favorite of the year is my Bears Need Homes, Too.

Because I am running out of time today to make a detailed list of my 2013 goals as I had wanted, I will just make a short list.  I want to finish my New York Beauty quilt that I had started for Aidan last March, finish my Stars for a New Day quilt for our June quilt show, make a queen sized bed quilt for my aunt and uncle who made me my stained glass in our kitchen, and start on my Farmers Wife blocks.  I have fabric for at least 15 other quilts and hopefully I will put a lot of that to use, too.  Happy New Year to all who read this!

Double Hourglass  Feb. 2012
Bubble Gums Stars  Sept. 2012

Funked Out apron
Whimsicals July 2012
Bounce  Oct. 2012
Double Duty  Dec. 2012

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