Friday, November 02, 2012

Thursday's Guild Meeting

Our guild had a few quilts for show and tell yesterday at our guild meeting.  (We call it a guild meeting, but that phrase does not really accurately portray our time together!  We definitely aren't formal enough to call it a "Meeting.")  Here are some of what our girls did in the past little bit. 

Christa's Row Robin
Christa's Bounce
Charlene's snowmen placemats

Charlene's Baby Sampler.  The alphabet is cross-stitched!

Jane's crazy quilt


Hand painted lady
Great job, Girls. 


  1. Wonderful show and tell and I bet you'll have lots more at your retreat. I wish our guild would kill the meeting part ... must work on it!

  2. I wish you had come to the retreat with the other Torquay girls.Wehad a lot of fun. looking forward to reading you log.

  3. What talented women you have in your group! That row quilt is amazing!