Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I am struggling with meeting the November 1 deadline for the Year of Schnibbles Bounce parade.  I may have to call Christa for some help!  Going into this, I thought that I would have absolutely no problem getting Bounce done for the Schnibbles parade, but life gets in the way, I guess...a little hockey, a little combining, a little laundry..........and its now October 23!  I'm not yet giving up on getting it done.

I was a bit disappointed in how Bounce looked in the last post.  It really seemed to have no Bounce at all.  So I made another row of six blocks, but I made the blocks with smaller stars, an option that Carrie gives in the pattern.

Can you see the smaller stars?  They add the dimension that I feel was lacking before.  For me the highlight of this pattern is the border.  It is a zigzag border that really adds interest to the quilt, makes it more playful and fun.  Hopefully we will get to see that soon!

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  1. I see the 'bounce'. It looks great and will really finish off nice with the border!! Now have fun with the border... that's why we quilt...for fun!! Remember? So... Go Tracey! Go Tracey! Go Tracey!(and remember to breathe)