Friday, October 05, 2012

Bounce proof for Christa

Here is proof that I have really have been working on my Bounce quilt...I don't think Christa believes me because she's been asking to see an actual block!  Bounce is a quilt designed by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilt Company.  This is my third Miss Rosie's quilt pattern that I have made.  It is a one block quilt that in which you make the background white larger than you need and then cut the blocks down in all different positions.  The above block hasn't yet been trimmed down.

I have all star points assembled and all but nine of the thirty-six center four-patches put together.  I have fifteen different reds and one white fabric in Bounce.  If I have enough fabric left, I plan on making my quilt one row taller.  I just prefer rectangular quilts to square ones.

I used The Angler 2 for sewing my star points. It is a template that you tape onto your machine which eliminates the need to draw a diagonal line on the back of your fabric when sewing diagonal seams.  It is a fabulous tool that really speeds up your sewing because you don't have to draw that line and it seems to be very accurate as well.  I kept the extra half square triangles that I cut off from my star points and sewed some of them.

These little hsts finish at 1.5 inches square.  They are perfect for Miss Rosie's current project of making pin cushions.  Carrie shares her knowledge in making pincushions. Click here to read her posts on this.

Christa of Second Story Quilting has finished her version of Bounce.  Check it out because it is gorgeous!

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  1. That is looking amazing!! You are almost done. I better get mine to Terry before you finish!!