Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Decision Made...

In July of 20120 my family and I went to the North Dakota State Fair and this quilt was hung on display there.  There is no other word than Stunning to describe this quilt.  It is the nicest quilt that I have ever seen in person.  ( Sorry to my fellow guild members!!)  And others must have agreed with me because it won several different ribbons at more than one quilt show.  My memory is a bit foggy about the details.  Three times I went back to look at this quilt before I left the building and it was all I could do not to touch this quilt...I wanted to feel it in my hand so badly.

The piecing was PERFECT and the quilting was exquisite-every single piece was quilted!  Before leaving, I took a picture of the quilt makers name and address.  Thanks to the internet, I was able to stalk her online and track down her phone number! lol  And one day I made a call to rural North Dakota, USA.  No answer, but I left a message.  A week or so pass and no call back.  One final time I would call.  Again, no answer, but again I left a message telling her I wanted to talk about her quilt.  In the end, she had been away and she called me when got home and we ended up talking for an hour.  Teresa was wonderful and full of tips that I wrote down and still use today.  Just look at her points in her flying geese in the above photo...superb!  She is very talented.  Teresa also introduced me to two of the best quilt shops I have ever seen.  Quilts and More in Sidney, MT and The Enchanted Room in Glendive, MT.

The pattern is called Stars for a New Day designed by Sue Garman.  This was a Block of the Month offered by Quakertown Quilts and at $78.00 plus taxes and shipping, it is the most expensive pattern I have ever purchased.  The quilt pattern is more than an inch thick!  The feathered star in the center of the quilt is paper pieced and I hadn't done paper piecing, and wasn't about to learn on this particular pattern, so the fabric (all 21 yards of it!!) and the pattern were shelved for another day.  I've decided that day is here.

These are the fabrics that I had bought at The Enchanted Room.  Warm olive greens, ivories, chocolates and plums!  Yum!!  Photos never give fabic or quilts proper justice.  I was contemplating keeping this as a block of the month, but if I do that, it won't be ready for our quilt show this coming June.  I will see how it goes...Until next time, Happy Quilting and see you guild girls on Thursday.
The pattern
A better photo of Bounce


  1. Once again... Go Tracey! Go Tracey! oh... and can you just make 2 of everything? I want this quilt in the same colors!!

  2. Gorgeous! I just got the note that you were missed on the parade! I will add this beautiful Bounce to it!

  3. I just spent more time than I should have going through photos from the Houston Quilt Show and I see one of the entries was a Stars for a New Day.