Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to Chain Piecing!

Gosh I missed the peacefulness of chain and strip piecing...everything is cut and ready, just waiting to be sewn.  I've been working on my Cotton Candy Stars quilt kit from Cotton and Chocolate as seen on the cover of the latest Quilt Sampler.

When I work on a quilt, I never work directly from the book that the pattern is in.  I always photocopy the pattern and work from that.  This is for two reasons.  The first reason truly aggravates me and that is the books that publishers sell us time and time again never, ever stay open.  We've all had that fight, right?  I have one coil bound book in my collection by Harriet Hargrave.   Can anyone tell me why all quilting books aren't coil bound?  Is is aesthetics? convenience? price?  Am I the only one who feels this way??  Let me know your thoughts.  The second reason I photocopy is this...

I keep really accurate track of where I am in the pattern and what I have done.  As I make my first fabric cuts, I tick the fabric off the list and move on to the next.  I also keep track of my numbers.  This works well when I only have five or ten minutes and don't finish the cutting or sewing requirements.  Honestly, I'd be lost without my keeping track.
Here is what I started from (actually half way through sewing my nine patches).

Once all of these are gone, I replace the units

When I first opened my fabric package, I was a little disappointed with some of the tones of the fabrics included in the kit.  This has happened to me before, not necessarily in kits, but in fat quarter bundles and in fabrics that I had chosen.  I tend to use my favorites first and end up with several units with the "less than" fabrics not being used.  I loved this cover quilt and didn't want this to happen, I wanted to give the quilt a chance and trust what Cotton and Chocolate put together.  So instead of keeping the units in large piles, I laid out one of each of my tri-colored units and had to use each and every one until going back for more color options.  And I didn't cheat once!  I tried to use a brown or pink only once in a nine-patch, but this method means that I sometimes have the same fabric twice in a nine-patch.  Ya win some, ya lose some, heh?

Completed nine-patches

I now have 80 of the 107 nine-patches finished for this quilt and I'm more than happy with the overall look of my nine patches.  I'm glad that I trusted someone with a better eye for color than me.

Thanks to Helen for sending me pictures of your sewing table.

One last thing, take a look at the quilt Bonnie Hunter finished last night.  Click here to check out her "Nearly Insane".  Make sure you read her post to learn a little about the original quilt.  Would you have made this quilt as she did?

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