Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another day, another field, another breakdown...

Emma and Aidan
My husband and I have four kids- three boys and a girl.  During the harvest season we depend a tonne on our oldest boy, Aidan.  He is fifteen and tonight, because his dad needs to get the spraying done before the combining, he fixed the combine header all on his own.  The belt that drives the cutter flew apart and broke two bolts on the knife as well.  That is a lot of responsibility for a fifteen year old and he did superbly. Aidan drives the grain cart and the small grain truck.  Our two younger boys and I combine.  Today, they were on their own for the first time.

Zach, 12 yrs.

Terran, 11 yrs.

Where we are combining is almost heaven...removed from the general population, unspoiled beauty beside a creek.  It is hard for me to think what the oil will do to this area.

Emma and myself


  1. I lovvve the picture of Emma running down the "road". Careful what you say about oil - John G. may be reading this blog.

  2. Since the two oil rigs, we've had three water pumps stolen that have been there for years and 2 jugs of 24D, and my dad had a fuel pump stolen off a fuel tank, too. There is Tim Horton's cups and donut boxes littered along the road, and McDonalds garbage on our roads now, too. Frustrating!