Saturday, August 11, 2012

A quick update on Cotton Candy

Last night I was able to finish my pink nine-patches for my Cotton Candy Stars quilt.  There are 17 of them and they go in the center of the alternating blocks from the brown nine-patches.

I laid out my units for my first block and sewed the first of 35 total blocks that are required for this quilt.  I need 18 of this block.

Ready for assembly

First Block A of 18
When I sat down to sew these blocks together, I had decided that I wouldn't worry about color placement, but I've changed my mind after seeing the brown plaid fabrics touch in the upper left side of this block.  I'm not going to take this apart, but hopefully it will be the only block where the same fabric touches.  I must have made a quarter turn during sewing, because they weren't originally placed this way.

Today is the official start of Harvest 2012 for Holzer Farms.  It is always amazing how fast harvest comes from one year to the next.  I'm going to try to get one block sewn a day, but we'll see if that happens.  Happy Harvesting to you careful and safe.

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  1. You're making some speedy time on this quilt! Looking good!