Monday, July 30, 2012

Power outages are good for...

cleaning out your sewing room from corner to corner.  We  had no power today for two hours so I gave my sewing room a good cleaning and sorting through.  It always feels good to do that.  Here is where I sew

Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but better than my last sewing area in our unfinished basement of our last home.  Dad has offered to make me a sewing table, but in his time...maybe this coming winter.  Christa, this next photo is for you.

My stash!!!

In my not too far away past, I had prided myself on planning and restraint.  I seem to have lost all control.  I did an inventory count during clean-up and I have fabric now for thirteen quilts, three sets of pillowcases, an apron and my New York Beauty that is already in progress.  I seem to have a stack of blue...I don't even really like blue!  I'd better get busy. 

We have lived in our new house for a year and a half and I put the first picture up on our walls today.  Did you see it in my first picture?

Tangled Threads is all bound, quilted and buttoned-up!  I struggled with getting the five buttons sorta straight.  It was harder than it looked.

Finally, I laid out my next project.  It is Bubble Gum Stars from Cotton and Chocolate in Thousand Oaks, CA.  This was the quilt featured on the cover of Quilt Sampler Spring/Summer 2012.

I'm excited to get back to what I do best...strip piecing and I'm glad to finally be making a quilt for my Grandma.  Did you see the Raggedy Anne on the floor in my first photo?  Grandma made that and five others (fully dressed) for me and my sister quite a few years ago.

I'll see you girls at our meeting on Thursday and I'll bring my camera for show and tell.

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  1. Love the glass cabinet!! I have been looking for something similar for some time now. And the stash? I guess we have been quite the influence....haven't we!!!