Tuesday, July 17, 2012

June 22 is a long time ago!!!

I had great intentions of sewing each and every day throughout the summer until I have to climb back onto the combine.  Trees are mostly to blame, but we took our first family vacation in two and a half years.  We headed straight south to this

The Needles
and this

Pactola Lake

and this

More Needles
and finally this

Mount Rushmore

The Black Hills are so beautiful.  Being half Norwegian and half American, I think it's the perfect spot for me!  We met up with my brother, his wife and their kids and spent six days touring the Hills, caves, the lakes, the ATV trails, the train, the towns and of course a few quilt shops.  My pictures of the shops were on my phone and have somehow disappeared...I think my four-year old Iphone addict may have had something to do with them disappearing.
The Hill City shop closed its doors on June 12, 2012, and I heard that store was great.  I got to two Rapid City stores...Thimble Cottage and Quilt Connection, Etc. and The Bakery in Belle Fourche.  I came home with this from the Bakery

and this from Thimble Cottage

Like I need any more Kansas Troubles fat quarters!
 And finally this from Quilt Connection, Etc.

Sapphire 835 
A new machine at a great price.  I've only sewed with it for one day, but I love the new features this machine has to offer.  My favorite is how the presser foot raises up slightly so that you can slip your fabric under to the needle.  I had to continually manually raise my presser foot on my old machine and second in line for a favorite thing is the needle down feature.  Simple, I know, but very impressive for me!
I was able to finish my hand embroidery on our vacation...one good thing about a 14 hour drive with four kids...and I pieced the inner part of the wall hanging today.

Now all that I have left are the borders.  Should be done by Christmas!

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