Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's time for a New York Beauty break.

I feel like Kristyne feels over at Pretty by Hand.  Defeated.  So I decided to take a little break to ensure my sanity and quilting future (I did take a 4 1/2 year hiatus from quilting once before).  I am going to make this wall hanging

 My mom picked this kit up for me at Norsk Hostfest in Minot.  It will be a welcome break from my NYB.

We had a small guild get-together yesterday and Colleen and Jane helped me make my Funked Out apron.  Thanks, Girls.  This was my first attempt at sewing something other than a quilt.  It was hard for me sometimes to grasp the inside out concept...Sorry for arguing with you, Jane...You were right....every time......I'm sorry for firing you......

Here is my finished apron...all gathered and ruffled up!   I need a model, but the boys are at school and Emma is still sleeping.  It is really nice.  The ties are great because they are the kind that wrap all around you and tie in the front.  I followed the pattern for the most part, except I cheated on where the skirt meets the midriff.  The pattern said to stitch the front by machine and then hand stitch the back.  I pinned the skirt inside the midriff and sewed it altogether by machine.  This is my second change

Its a pin.  Sewn in between the apron and the lining.  I hope that I don't get stuck by it at Thanksgiving!


  1. Really great job on the apron, Tracey. And fast too. I am really impressed (but not surprised)

  2. Turned out great!! Sorry to miss quilting... the pin in trapped in the middle so represents my life most days!! Almost free but NOT!!

  3. I love your apron, Tracey. I might have to borrow your pattern and make one for Kristy. She aways wears an apron in the kitchen. Todd has one too that Laurel sent. It's navy denim with a Canadian red maple leaf on it!

  4. Sure, whenever you want the pattern let me know!