Saturday, June 09, 2012

Block 5 is...

Done!  This brings my completed blocks to 54.  I don't know what it is about this block, but it drove me crazy! Please tell me how they end up like this

Each and every block 5 is a 1/4 inch smaller (or sometimes a bit more) on the inside of the block than the outside.  I don't know how I will incorporate these blocks into my quilt given the size difference of this block in comparison to the other New York Beauty blocks.

Last night I was at Terry's house and you all know what that means!  Here's a sneak peak.

Emma's Double Hourglass home from the long arm quilter

I think that we are planning to meet for guild this coming Monday.  See you girls there.


  1. What a tease!! And as far as the NYB... I think you should create a new block by adding that cross section in the middle.

  2. Why didn't you bring Emma's quilt to guild? Did you get your apron done?