Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sort of like quilting...

but not quite.  Here is my new kitchen transom that my aunt and uncle made for my kitchen.

It is so gorgeous!  Christa you can appreciate the work and time involved in this piece.  It is about 14 inches tall by almost 8 feet long.  What a treasure to have for the rest of my life.

Installing the glass

And finally, here is Emma with Terry and Heather, the craftsmen of the piece.


  1. Very beautiful! Nice touch to a new home!!

  2. That glass window is amazing, something you will treasure forever. And the perfect spot for it! I took a stain glass class once, I've always loved the look of those pieces. I figured out I could pay someone to make me a very nice one much cheaper than it would take me to buy all the supplies and tools and make one, plus mine would look like ti was done by a 5th grader!