Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's been a while...

But I finally got to sew last night and this morning.  I finished my Block 1s.

These blocks bring my total to 42 finished blocks.  I have them all laid out on my floor and it sure feels like a lot more sewing than they look!

Christa wanted an update on our trees.  So here it is...

Nope, no leaves on these trees yet, but our poplars on the other hand

are fully leafed out, but not yet planted.  Backwards, huh??

One day I looked out the living room window and saw swans.  No, not swans, but pelicans.  Never did I think that we would have pelicans living in our backyard.  First we had a flock of seven, then they invited their extended family and I counted at least thirty birds.

We also have geese in our back yard.

These momma geese finally saw their babies on Tuesday.  It really is interesting watching them teach their goslings how to swim.  We have two yellow labs, and during the nesting season, the geese let the dogs come within twenty feet of their nests.  I never saw the dogs any nearer than that.   The geese never made a fuss at the dogs, which really surprised me.  I think our dogs must have known that if they messed with Momma Goose or her eggs, they were gonna lose.
One day old goslings
and finally a picture of our own little piece of paradise...

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  1. Cute!! I told you that you would eventually like to 'watch' birds!! You need a row boat and a dock for your pond!!