Sunday, May 06, 2012

Christa says...

that I need to update the blog because the flood pictures are too depressing.  Well, Christa, it's hard to update my quilting blog if I haven't been sewing!  When was the last time that I sewed anyway?

This is the first of one hundred trees that we planted on Tuesday.  It was a long, long day,  but so worth the effort.
My  husband, my boys and a friend
I did get to machine this morning and finished by block 3s.  Don't these look good?

I kinda wanted to keep the pins in.  I decided to go back to pinning my arcs again instead of using the Curve Master foot.  I think maybe the multiple seams in these blocks make the fabric too stiff to co-operate with the Curve Master foot.  Or I needed a bit more practice!!??  But I will use that foot one day.  Here the blocks are done

The Sew Sweetness New York Beauty QAL is on their ninth block.  This means that according to my self-imposed schedule, I should be done 63 blocks (9 x 7).  I have 31 blocks done including these.  Only 32 blocks behind.  Maybe I can catch up tomorrow!!!
Christa, this picture is for you.  It is our front yard this afternoon.  Sorta looks like last year, heh!!!


  1. Love the blocks!! Thanks for updating but it is really looking alot like last year!! Lets hope for some sun!!

  2. Any leaves on those new trees yet??