Friday, April 06, 2012

Our quilt guild is very spoiled...

to have a fabulous long arm quilter amongst us.  I am probably guilty of taking Terry for granted simply because she is all I have really known.  I take Terry my quilt tops, give her free reign on the quilting and she hands back a gorgeous quilt.  It is as easy as that for us. 
 Today Terry shared her Gammill and knowledge with our guild.  I have wondered more than once about the set-up process and wanted to see Terry in action.  I realize that working on a real quilt instead of muslin would be a hundred times more difficult and stressful, but it was fun.
 Terry (on right) showing us the controls
Colleen gives it a try while Theresa watches
Chris'  turn
And me- Thanks Theresa for taking this!
Our doodling
I think that we were all a little surprised that it was more challenging to follow the pantograph than to free-hand.  The pantographs were hard to follow with our eyes, and the points were almost impossible to get right.  Finding the right speed was also a challenge (for me at least!).  What we didn't do and would be the hardest of all, I think, was figure out what to quilt on a real quilt from edge to edge.  That's where imagination and a lot of practice would be needed.
Thank you, Terry for a great day and sharing your talent and long arm with us.
Jane brought a finished quilt top and another that needs a final border or two.  Great work, Jane.
This one still needs a border or two.  We voted for purple.
 My apologies to Chris for taking off without getting a picture of your cardinal quilt.  Please bring it next time and I promise to get a photo.


  1. Thanks for the comment on the Crocus Quild blog. I check both yours and Christa's all the time ... both of them are very motivational for me! Hope to see you at our show.

    1. Yep, we're coming. We talked about it yesterday.