Monday, April 30, 2012

Not at all about quilting, but...

do you remember last year in Saskatchewan?
Our farm from above May 2011

This is land that should be seeded.  No, not with rice.
My husband took these pictures early last May from a friend's airplane.  Devastating is really the only word for the rainfall we had last year.  This was our front yard

Topsoil in a pile waiting for drier weather

We had just built a new house at our farm last year, moved in March 2011, so we had no grass, gravel or trees.  If you could get to our house, you couldn't get out of your vehicle most days to get to our door.  We would fight our way up our slippery clay driveway and pray that we would be able to get into our garage.  It is almost impossible to imagine.  I lost the fight with the mud and four kids!  It was everywhere.
So I am happy to report that tomorrow is tree planting day! Yay!!!  and then maybe grass one day.  This was our yard as of today.
North east side of our house

Back yard from west

Back yard from East
Now if the wind would stay away, I could get the exterior doors painted! It has been a difficult road for us these past two and a half years, but we are where we want to be and are very thankful for that.
Oh, one more thing...see the three windows in the basement?  That is my sewing room.  I guess this post was about sewing after all!


  1. Just like a quilt in the planning stages......a blank canvas!! Now work your magic!!

  2. The rains came and the water continued to get higher, just as we left the province of Saskatchewan, for, A province surrounded by water on three sides. Lucky for us the ocean stays put. Happy to know that this spring has been much kinder for you. Now, get busy quilting. Awesome blog site by the way.