Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I'm not gonna lie to you...

...when I am sewing, I like things a certain way...NEED them to be a certain way is more accurate actually.  And some of my New York Beauty blocks had puckers in the curved seams and I wanted puckerless blocks.  (word-check says that's not a word!)  I wanted to share some pinning tips that have made my seams lay flat.  First I find my middles of my arch and my background.  I opted to keep the seam in my background, so that one is already marked.  I pin my middles and then both edges.  I work my way out from my middle with the arch on the bottom and the background on the top.  I keep my edges together gently letting the natural curve of the top fabric raise up.  When the fabric wants to pull away, I know that I need to pin has been about 3/4 of an inch to an inch thus far.  I secure the two fabrics with the index finger on my left hand.  I have my awl in my right hand and I gently pull up on the pucker straightening it out and finding it's center.
Gently pull up with your awl finding the center of the fabric pucker

 Once you straighten it out, it seems to naturally stay put.  Then I pin it and keep aligning the next inch or so of fabrics and continue on both sides and it looks like this.
See the lift in the top fabric...
If you pay attention, your fabric will tell you when you need to pin
And when I start to sew, I put my left middle finger in the center of the pucker like this
I keep my pins far enough to the left to avoid my needle
and it distributes the fabric excess evenly between the pins.  So far I have ended up with creaseless seams.
This takes some extra time, but for me the results are worth it.  I am thinking that my inner "sun" isn't going to go as smoothly.
My machine is going to get serviced tomorrow after our guild meeting at Terry''s gonna be a hard wait to get it back.  And check out this post .  Judi says my thoughts perfectly.  I am going to print it off and take it to the ladies in my guild who enjoy making fun of my "one project lifestyle"!

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