Friday, April 27, 2012

Curve Master Update

Colleen called me this afternoon and made a few suggestions.  She suggested first that I use my NYB pieces as templates and make exact replicas using scraps. Then I'd see if using a single fabric instead of a pieced one makes a difference.  And secondly, to put the concave on the bottom and the convex curve on the top.  I had been doing the reverse.

The fabric pulled apart a couple times

and I had to rip and resew.  In the end I had this

The yellow fabric is almost a quarter inch longer that the navy.  And now the NYB

And now the yellow is too short.

Here are the two pieces placed one on top of the other.  Keep in mind that I used the orange/yellow stripe as a template to cut the navy and the yellow fossil fern as a template for the yellow with black dots.  So why would they be difference now???

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  1. Things are looking better re: your curve master sewing.
    Guide the lower section towards the 'wall' - don't do any pulling, since you are working with fabric on a bias.
    I use the bent tip tweezers to hold the layers of fabric together when nearing the end of the seam. If there is a tiny difference in length of fabric at the end, grab the rotary cutter and chop away. (If I can make this foot work, anyone can.)