Friday, March 23, 2012

Today at guild

I wasn't able to join the girls for our guild meeting today, but here are a few photos from today.
This is Jane Marcotte and her Nickel Quilt.  Jane has fantastic eye for color, an endless imagination, no fears or limits in her quilting, and a fondness for scraps and good deals.  Slowly but surely the guild girls are igniting a fire in her for high-quality cotton!  Just wait till you see Jane's Dragon Fly is something special.

Behind this baby quilt stands our newest member, Charlene Wimmer.  Sorry Charlene, but the picture with you in it was too blurry to add to the blog.  We'll try again on Wednesday when we travel to Montana to fabric shop.  Charlene made this beautiful scrappy quilt for her daughter Brittany's "almost here" second baby. 
Member Narrie Lowe's brand new machine and her stunning Nickel Quilt.  Narrie is quite new to piecing, but does she have a talent for it and like Jane, she has an eye for color.  Good work, Narrie.  We know that your quilting future holds many beautiful quilts in store for you!
Next week a van load full of us are traveling to Montana to visit two gorgeous quilt stores.  If you ever get to Sidney, Montana check out Quilts and More. It is a little bit off the beaten path, but well worth the stop.  For me personally, it was a jaw-dropping store.  The Enchanted Room in Glendive, Montana is the second shop we will visit.  It is this perfect little house on the outside, but once you step in it, it blows your mind.  The store doesn't seem to stop.  One room opens to the next and then the next and then the next, you get the idea.  On our first visit to both these stores, we were met by gracious owners who went that extra mile with snacks and beverages for our group.  These extra little touches meant a lot to us.  We are looking forward to visiting the shops and we hope to post pictures of our trip.

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  1. Great job posting! Did you notice Narrie's new machine matches her nickel quilt? I think she has my weakness for purple also! Missed you at quilting and can't wait for Montana!! Bet the border guys will be glad to see us again!