Wednesday, March 21, 2012

This past week... - Tracey Holzer

Six of the past eight days have included some form of hockey for us, so progress on my New York Beauty QAL has been minimal.  These are my latest three blocks.
My second Block 5

Block 8

My second Block 1
All three finished blocks.


I have decided to make this QAL into a double sized quilt for my oldest son, Aidan.  I am guessing that the quilt will need 70 blocks plus a border or two.  65 blocks to go!!!  This has got me thinking...  In my six years of quilting, I have never once worked on more than one project at one time.  I start a project and I finish a project.  The girls in the guild know this.  I like it this way and it keeps my organization and focus in check.  But this New York Beauty quilt has me itching to start another quilt which is really crazy because every inch on my quilting table is covered in bits and pieces of fabric for this quilt.  Here's my proof
43 different fabrics
and I cleaned before taking this photo!  I'll see what happens, but its against my better judgement!!

This Friday is a guild meeting.  I can't make all of the meeting, but I plan to bring my camera to guild after lunch to take pictures of what the other members are working on.  I'll try to get these photos on as soon as possible.  See you then.

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  1. When you said you were going to make a double, I thought you meant do 2 of each block! Not a full size quilt, you crazy girl!! But it is going to be a stunning quilt.