Saturday, March 10, 2012

Slow and Steady - Tracey Holzer

Typically, our guild meets two Fridays a month and yesterday was meeting day.  I brought along my New York Beauty quilt-a-long.  I was able to finish the first block of the QAL on Thursday.  It was a painfully slow process, but here is the finished block.
New York Beauty QAL Block O

I was at guild for five hours and this is what I was able to get done.

See, painfully slow progress!  I love the precision of paper piecing and the way my colors look together!  Thanks, Terry and Christa for your help...that is exactly why we get together.
This morning I finished the second block of the QAL and wanted to share a couple pictures of how my curves were sewn together.
Adding the middle border.

Adding the background.

Blocks 0 and 1
The blocks should have finished at 8 inches square and these come up a little short of that.  Again, another lesson in 1/4 seam allowances!  Not bad for my first time.  Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Incredible!! Those look amazing!! I also noticed they don't finish to size but I think it is because they don't print of correct. Measure the |-| 1" on the pattern page. Mine was smaller... but they will all be the same. Great job! I am jealous!

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  3. Christa,
    I played with the blog size yesterday, tried to make it more narrow. Did you notice a difference?

  4. Yes looks good!I can see it all. your pictures are really great!